General FAQs

We receive a multitude of queries over email and social media every day. The club is run by an entirely volunteer Committee with full time jobs and other commitments and responding to these individually becomes time consuming.

To help with this, we have attempted to collate the common ones below and provide answers.


What is your contact number so I can call you?

We do not have a manned office or general contact number. As a club run by volunteers, we also do not make our personal numbers available. If you have a query that is not answered below, or on our FAQs page, please email us at

Its raining, is training still on??
When there is wet weather, the Board will inspect the fields between 3pm and 4pm, and IF FIELDS WILL BE CLOSED, will at least post on Facebook.

Coordinators of different groups of players (eg. Masters) may also advise their players.

Members/players are discouraged from contacting the club directly, as we have too many members to answer each enquiry. If you need to contact someone, please contact your Coordinator or Coach/Manager.

When are you open?
As we are run by volunteers, our clubhouse is not open during the day. We also do not generally open the clubhouse each night as volunteers are already involved in coaching and training, however we may for special events (eg. training night kit hand outs), which will be advertised beforehand.

members can come down to the club when games are on (Friday nights, Saturday morning and nights, and Sunday morning) if they need to speak to someone face to face.

How do I register?
Please refer to our registration page

What teams do you have?

SUFC has teams available for males and females from those turning 3, to those over 45.

How much are fees/What do the fees cover/How can I pay my fees?
Refer to the Fee Info section of the website under the ‘Registration’ tab.

How do I know what team I am/my child is in? 
For those teams that trial, allocation of players to teams will occur during that process.

For remaining teams, parents/players will be notified by SUFC, or directly by the Coaches/Managers prior to training commencing.

For MiniRoos, an email will be sent to all parents/players 1 - 2 weeks before training commences with team allocation, Coach/Manager details and training day/time and field. 

When does training start? 
Training starting times are staggered, based on ages and competitions. The following is general information (including links to the pages for the specific groups), please refer to specific information issues by SUFC or your Coaches/Managers around these times:

What nights do I train/Where do I train? 
Training nights will be based on the volume of registrations for each age group and are not necessarily the same as the previous year. Training nights/times and fields will be communicated closer to the start of training. As a general rule:
  • MiniRoos- Train one night a week (Mon-Thurs) at 5.30pm-6.30pm. Kangaroos teams will train 2 nights per week.
  • Divisionals (U13 to U18) - Train twice a week, usually 6.30pm-7.30pm.
  • Seniors(including Overs) - Train twice a week, usually from 7.30pm.
  • Little Springers – will likely be on a Tuesday night for 2023, running 5.30pm-6.15pm

Go to our Field Map and Training Plans page for more details.

Who are the Coach and Manager for our team?
We are a community club, which is reflected in our low fees. To keep our fees as low as possible , we rely on parents to step forward to be the Coach or Manager of our teams. We do not provide Coaches and Managers to our teams.

Coaches and Managers will be supported throughout the season, including discounted fees, access to free community coaching courses and club coach support officers. 

Please refer to our Coaches and Managers page for more details.

When will I receive my training kit?
We will hold kit handout sessions prior to the commencement of training for each age group, subject to the arrival of the kit. These are usually held on Saturday mornings.

Kit handout dates will be announced on social media when finalised, with our aim to hold them before training commences.

Our club is not normally 'open' during the day, or even at night during training, so parents/players are strongly encouraged to attend a kit hand out session. 

Please note kit will only be provided to players who have either paid their fees in full, or have signed up to a payment plan for balance of fees.

What do we wear/bring to training/games?
Players will be provided a training kit of shirt, shorts and socks, which are to be worn to training sessions. 

Football boots and shin guards are provided by the player/parents. 

When the games start, there will be a separate game shirt (jersey) that will be provided (this is to be returned to the club at the end of each season, whereas the training kit is yours to keep).

The socks and shorts provided with the training kit are to be worn on the game day also. If there is an issue with wearing/washing them multiple times per week, the club does allow other shorts and socks to be worn for training, provided these are either the same colour as the training ones provided or are black/navy blue.

When do games start?
Season games starts are staggered by age group and levels. Please refer to our Football Queensland Resources page for the FQ Season Calendar.  typically, games commence:

When are games played?
The following is a guide only for when season games are played. Home clubs determine when there games are played, so the following may change:
  • MiniRoos – Saturday mornings.
  • Divisionals U13 to U18 – Generally Sunday mornings/afternoons, some games can be played Friday night or Saturday.
  • Seniors – Friday, Saturday or Sunday afternoon/night.
  • Overs - Friday nights.
  • Legends Women - Wednesday night.

How long does the season last?
Please refer to the Football Queensland calendar on our Football Queensland Resources page.

Where are games played?
The following is a guide only for where games are played. 
Home games are at our grounds in Springfield Central Sports Complex, Sportstar Drive, Springfield Central, usually on Field 1.

Away games depend on the competition level:
      • FQPL - Play across the Greater Brisbane area
      • Metro Men & Metro Women -  Division 1 and lower play on the southern side (as per the Brisbane River) of Greater Brisbane.
      • Divisional U13 to U18 -  Division 1 and lower play on the southern side (as per the Brisbane River) of Greater Brisbane. Metro Junior League teams can play across the Greater Brisbane area.
      • MiniRoos - Generally be in the Ipswich area with no more than 30 mins travel. Kangaroos team can play across the Greater Brisbane area.

I sent an email X days ago, why haven't I had a response yet?
As noted above, the club is run by an entirely volunteer Committee with full time jobs and other commitments. During busier times of the year, we can receive 300-500 emails per week, which we have to respond to outside of our work commitments and other tasks we may be involved with at the club. As such, whilst we endeavour to respond as quickly as possible, there are times in the year where there is a delay in responding to/actioning emails.
We hope that implementing these FAQs will greatly reduce the volume of emails received (as a lot of the questions we get emailed are answered here) and allow us to respond to the other items more promptly.
My question wasn’t answered here, what do I do?
Email your question to and we will get back to you when we can.
We will also hold a drop in session at the grounds in January 2023 where you can come in and ask questions and/or get help with registration. Look out for details of this on Facebook/our website shortly.

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