We receive a multitude of queries over email and social media every day. The club is run by an entirely volunteer Committee with full time jobs and other commitments and responding to these individually becomes time consuming.

To help with this, we have attempted to collate the common ones below and provide answers.


How do I register?

Registration is done online via the system embedded into our website. Head to the registration page to sign up. 

Please note, registration with Football Brisbane via PlayFootball will also need to be performed for all players (excluding Little Springers) prior to the start of the season. However, registration with SUFC via our site is the immediate priority as this is what we use to gauge numbers and contact players/parents.

What is the difference between all the teams/What teams do you have?

SUFC have a range of teams for all ages, including:

  • Little Springers (3-5 year olds) – 10-week beginner skills sessions run in house at the club to introduce kids to football before MiniRoos kicks off at U6 age.


  • MiniRoos – teams from U6 to U11 playing against other teams. No formal score is kept at this level, however U9 to U11 have various levels of competition based on ability, refer to next FAQ.


  • Junior Divisionals – teams from U12 to U16 playing various divisions based on ability/prior season performance, refer to next FAQ for levels.


Refer to the ‘MiniRoos and Divisionals’ tab of our website for more information on these age groups.


  • U18 Men, Senior Men and Senior Women – Teams playing in various senior leagues (U18 are classified as seniors but play against only other U18 sides). Our Men’s side has a Capital 2 side and both Men and Women have various levels of City League sides.


  • QMF/Masters – Over 35 and Over 45 Mens teams playing in a separately administered competition run out of Lions Football Club.


Refer to ‘Seniors’ tab of our website for more information on these sides.

What are the different levels at each age group?

For the Little Springers sessions, these are run in-house and are only split in the event of large numbers. The split is usually based on age, but can be altered during the program based on ability.


MiniRoos are mixed ability sides, built around game enjoyment and equitable playing time rather than results. At U9, U10 and U11 level, the competitions split into Komodo (Advanced Level), Goanna (Standard Level) and Gecko (Beginner Level) competitions, providing some level of structure ahead of Divisional level.


Junior Divisional teams are placed into divisions (1, 2, 3 etc.), which are nominated by the club. At U12 level, the teams are graded into a division following club nomination. At subsequent ages, the nominations are at club discretion (subject to Football Brisbane approval) and are largely based on prior year performance of that team.


Senior teams (excluding Capital Men) are based on a similar nomination process as Divisionals. Capital Men are a full promotion and relegation system.

Are there trials for my child’s team? 

For 2021, given the reduced turnaround from last year due to COVID delays, we are only trialling Division 1 and above sides at the Divisional level, plus our top Mens and Womens sides. Trials for these sides take place in January and are advertised on our Facebook page.


For all other Divisional and Senior sides, registrations are open and capped at the number of sides we expect to field. Players will commence training with all players at their age group and will be graded into teams as part of the first few weeks of training.


MiniRoos sides will be assigned at the end of the registration period. Where possible, we will attempt to honour requests to stay with previous year's sides. New players will be assigned randomly into teams.


The exception to this is Komodo teams for U9, U10 and U11. For these sides, we will reach out to players ahead of training commencing to confirm which players wish to be considered for Komodos. These players will follow a similar grading process to Divisionals as noted above, separate from other teams at that age group. Any players unsuccessful in Komodo grading will be placed into a Goanna side at that age group.

When does training start?

Training will commence on the following weeks:

Divisionals and Seniors – w/c 8 Feb 2021

MiniRoos – w/c 8 Mar 2021

Little Springers – w/c 17 May 2021 (running 5 weeks before and 5 weeks after the school holidays)

When will I hear about training times and teams?

We also allow the registration period to run for a few weeks to allow everyone to sign up before starting to communicate details such as teams and training times to everyone. Therefore, if you are one of the organised ones who registers early, it may be a while between registering and receiving additional communications.

We are aiming to send out communications closer to the start of training (late Jan/early Feb for Divisionals/Seniors and late Feb/early March for MiniRoos) to allow everyone time to register for 2021. 

What do we wear/bring to training/games?

Players will be provided a training shirt, shorts and socks, which are to be worn to training sessions. Football boots and shin guards are to be self-provided. 

When the games start, there will be a separate game shirt that will be provided (this is to be returned to the club at the end of each season, whereas the training kit is yours to keep).

The socks and shorts provided with the training kit are to be worn on the game day also. If there is an issue with wearing/washing them multiple times per week, the club does allow other shorts and socks to be worn for training, provided these are either the same colour as the training ones provided or are black/navy blue.

When will I receive my training kit?

We will hold kit handout sessions prior to the commencement of training for each age group, subject to the arrival of the kit ordered prior to the commencement of Divisional/Senior trainings.

Kit handout dates will be announced when finalised, but will likely be early Feb for Seniors/Divisionals and late Feb/early March for MiniRoos.

Please note kit will only be handed out to players who's fees are paid in full (or have signed up to a payment plan for balance of fees).

When does the season start?

Season starts are staggered by age group and levels. Based on latest Football Brisbane calendar:

  • Capital Men, City Mean and Women and U18 start weekend of 9 April 2021. (note, FFA and Canale Cup fixtures for Cap Men will be players in Feb/March)

  • MiniRoos – Weekend of 23 April 2021

  • Divisionals (BYPL and Division 1 sides only) – Weekend of 5 March 2021

  • Divisionals (U12 sides only) – U12 sides will undertake four consecutive weeks of grading from weekend of 5 March 2021, before the regular season commences weekend of 23 April 2021

  • Divisionals (all other teams) – Weekend of 12 March 2021

  • QMF – tbd (usually roughly follows City Mens start times)

What age group is my child?

Age group is based off the age the child turns in the calendar year (i.e. if a child is born in 2012, they would turn 9 in the 2021 calendar year and would be U9 level).


For QMF, a player must turn 35 in the calendar year to be eligible for over 35s. Over 45 teams can have a max of 5 players between the age of 42 and 45 (must have already turned 42 at time of registration).

Can my child play outside their normal age group?

Yes, a player is permitted to play up in age group by a max of two years and down an age group by one year. This is subject to the following conditions:

No more than two players can play down a year into a single team.

Players cannot play down into a Division 1 or higher side.

If a player is playing down a year or up two years, a consent form needs to be completed and submitted to Football Brisbane for approval.


How much are fees?

Refer to the Fee Info section of the website under the ‘Registration’ tab.

What do the fees cover and what do I need to buy?

Refer to the Fee Info section of the website under the ‘Registration’ tab.


Essentially the only thing self-supplied will be shin pads and football boots.

How can I pay my fees?

You can make full or partial card payments via the SUFC website system. The website system also allows you to set up a payment plan for 75% of the fees balance with debits taken automatically by the system.


The above are our preferred payment methods as this automatically reconciles with your account info and greatly reduces the strain on club admin in reconciling payments etc.


Payment can also be made by bank transfer (details are included in registration confirmation) or by Cash/Card at the club. If you are paying by bank transfer, please use the registration ID for your registration (i.e. SMIT0000011) as the description, so we can match to your registration in the system. Again, these payment methods significantly increase the workload on our volunteers so direct site payments are preferred.


Payment can also be made via the PlayFootball site when registering there. However, the site only allows for payment of full fees. If you have already paid some/all of your fees to the club via the website system or another method, please choose the ‘Submit and Pay Later” option at the bottom of the page when prompted with payment by PlayFootball.


When do my fees need to be paid by?

At the very latest, all fees must be paid (or a payment plan entered into) before a player takes the field for the first competitive game, as players will not be activated in PlayFootball until this occurs. Training kit will also NOT be distributed to players until fees are settled.

Ideally fees will be settled by the end of February for U12-U18 sides and Capital Men and end of March for MiniRoos and City Teams.

How do I see my amount owing?

If you follow the link emails to you when registering, you should be able to see your account online (under the 'MyDetails' tab, including any owing balance.


As we get closer to the due dates for registrations, SUFC will also send reminders to anyone with outstanding balances. These reminder emails will contain a link to view and pay outstanding amounts.

How do I get/redeem a Fair Play Voucher?

Fair Play vouchers can be applied for if you meet the criteria. Refer to https://www.qld.gov.au/recreation/sports/funding/fairplay for more information.


Round 1 for 2021 opens on 20 January. If eligible, the voucher must be provided in person to us at the club, or via email to treasurer.sufc@gmail.com and we will credit the $150 against your account in the system.

If you are anticipating receiving a voucher, you can use the part payment feature of the website system to pay fees and leave a balance owing of $150 per voucher you expect to receive. Once we receive the voucher(s) from you, we will credit the amount(s) against any balance owing.

What is the volunteer levy and how do I volunteer?

Refer to the Fee Info section of the website under the ‘Registration’ tab for information on the volunteer levy.


The volunteer hub in the online system will be set up once the season gets underway for those wishing to help out.

What nights do the team train?

Training nights will be based on the volume of sign ups at each age group and communicated closer to the start of training (late Jan/early Feb for Divisionals/Seniors and late Feb/early March for MiniRoos). As a general rule:


  • MiniRoos train one night a week (one of Mon-Thurs) at 5.15pm-6.15pm

  • Divisionals and Seniors train twice a week, usually 6.20pm-7.20pm for Divisionals and 7.30pm for senior teams (note depending on team sign ups and field availability, City league sides and QMF may only be allocated one session a week)

  • Little Springers – will likely be on a weeknight for 2021, running 5.30pm-6.15pm

When are the games played?

  • MiniRoos – Saturday mornings

  • Divisionals (U12) – Saturday mornings/afternoons

  • Divisionals (U13+) – Sunday mornings/afternoons

  • Senior – Could be any of Friday, Saturday or Sunday based on home team preference. QMF generally play Friday nights.

Where are the games played?

Home games are at our grounds in Springfield.


Away games depend on the level played at. MiniRoos will generally be in the Ipswich area with no more than 30 mins travel (although higher level Komodo teams may play further afield).


Lower divisions for the Junior Divisionals generally split into a north and south Brisbane competition, so away games are on the south side. However, the higher divisions can be an all of Brisbane competition.

How do I know my registration has been processed?

When registering with SUFC, you will receive an email from Springfield United Football Club entitled ‘Tax Invoice: SUFC 2021 Season Registration’ – if you have received this email, your registration has been processed correctly.

Why do I need to register with SUFC and Play Football?

Registration with SUFC via our website is how we track and communicate with our players. Registration with PlayFootball is how players are registered with Football Brisbane and therefore covered by insurance etc for games played in.


Unfortunately, PlayFootball is an external system to SUFC and both registrations must be performed. Refer to the ‘PlayFootball Registration’ page under the ‘Registration’ tab on our website for more information.


I registered with PlayFootball and received an invoice saying I owe the full amount but I have already paid. Why am I being charged twice?

As the PlayFootball system is external to SUFC and not linked to our records, the invoice is sent automatically regardless of amounts paid. If you have made payment to SUFC via the system or another method, ignore the invoice.


Refer to the ‘PlayFootball Registration’ page under the ‘Registration’ tab on our website for more information.

Why hasn’t anyone from the club contacted me directly about my registration?

The club is run by an entirely volunteer Committee with full time jobs and other commitments. Unfortunately, we cannot individually contact each one of our 700+ members about their registrations.


We also allow the registration period to run for a few weeks to allow everyone to sign up before starting to communicate details such as teams and training times to everyone. Therefore, if you are one of the organised ones who registers early, it may be a while between registering and receiving additional communications.


As long as you have had the email noted in FAQs above to confirm your registration, you will be contacted when we send out the next rounds of communication (provided you’ve entered your email address in correctly!).


If there are any pressing queries while waiting for these communications, please email info.sufc@gmail.com and we will get back to you when we can.

I sent an email X days ago, why haven't I had a response yet?

As noted above, the club is run by an entirely volunteer Committee with full time jobs and other commitments. During busier times of the year, we can receive 300-500 emails per week, which we have to respond to outside of our work commitments and other tasks we may be involved with at the club. As such, whilst we endeavour to respond as quickly as possible, there are times in the year where there is a delay in responding to/actioning emails.

We hope that implementing these FAQs will greatly reduce the volume of emails received (as a lot of the questions we get emailed are answered here) and allow us to respond to the other items more promptly.


My question wasn’t answered here, what do I do?

Email your question to info.sufc@gmail.com and we will get back to you when we can.


We will also hold a drop in session at the grounds from 1pm on the afternoon of 31 January where you can come in and ask questions and/or get help with registration. Look out for details of this on Facebook/our website shortly.

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