Registration Process

SUFC 2024 Season


For 2024, players will need to complete 2 registrations:

1. mandatory registration with Football Queensland in Squadi (excludes Masters and Little Springers), where part of your fees (see below) will be paid to cover Football Australia and Football Queensland affiliation and insurance fees, and

2. registration with SUFC in Majestri, where the balance of your fees will be paid, or can be placed on a payment plan.

Fees paid the Squadi registration in (1) above are $150 for MiniRoos (U6 to U12) and $200 for Junior Divisional (U13 to U18) and Senior playing groups - these need to be paid in full. The balance of the 2024 fees paid in the Majestri registration are below - these can be paid in full or placed on a payment plan.

Please note that:
* Where a player is under 18, the parent/carer must register and add the player.
* Players currently trialing, or about to trial, can register now. Further instructions may be provided after the trials if required.
* FQPL registrations are not open, these players will be contacted directly.
* For U6 to U18, please ensure the Playing Group represents the players age in 2024. If it does not, please advise why in the registration preferences.
* Registration in PlayFootball is NOT required for 2024.
* There is no Squadi registration for Little Springers or Masters, you register and pay all fees in the SUFC Majestri registration.
* Volunteer Levy is not applicable to Little Springers.
* Details on Coach's and Manager's registrations will be provided at a later date.

Players who do not complete both registrations, including payment (or payment plan) of all fees, will be unable to play.

For information on what teams & competitions we offer, and the process for each from registration to team allocation to starting training, please go to our Teams & Training pages.

For information on 2024 trials, please see our Trials page.

For information on fees, go to the Fee Info page.

Squadi 2024 SEASON Registration Process

  1. Click on the link provided or open the Squadi app or website -
  2. If you do NOT have a Squadi profile, select Create User Profile and create a new profile. THIS MUST BE SOMEONE 18 OR OLDER FOR PLAYERS UNDER 18.
  3. For Squadi app, select 'More' (bottom right) and then select  'Register Profile'. For the website, select the 'ACTION' button (top right) and select 'Register'.
  4. If a new player (never registered in Squadi), select 'New Participant Registration' and then register player (enter details requested NOTING THIS IS FOR THE PLAYER. If an existing player, select the player.
  5. Confirm/update Participant Details for player and select 'Next'.
  6. Under Find a Competition start typing Springfield United Football Club into the Organisation name, select Springfield United Football Club when it appears.
  7. Select the relevant Competition (Metro MiniRoos and U12 = U6 to U12, Metro Community Juniors = U13 to U18, Metro Community Seniors = Metro Men and Metro Women).
  8. Select the relevant Membership Details (a player is an 'Outdoor Player'.
  9. Select the relevant Age Group.
  10. Select 'Add Competition and Membership'.
  11.  Update Additional Personal Information and select 'Add Competition and Membership'.
  12. Confirm/update Your Details.
  13. Accept Terms and Conditions and select 'Continue'.
  14. Under Secure Payment Options select the payment option, enter the details and select 'Submit'.
  15. A summary of the registration will appear, select the 'X' (top left) to finish.
  16. It the registration was successful, you will receive a confirmation email. 

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