Juniors/Miniroos (U6-U12)

Our MiniRoos program is one of the biggest in the whole of Brisbane, with 600+ players across 60+ teams for 2023, including eight Kangaroo teams, making SUFC the biggest MiniRoos club in Queensland.

With teams from U6 all the way up to U12, we cater for every growing age group, and every level of ability.

What is Miniroos

Miniroos covers the U6 to U12 age groups, and can be Mixed (boys and girls), or Girls only from U8.

For Mixed teams, there are three levels of skill and experience:

  • Kangaroos (previously Komodos) - Players with average to above average skills and have generally been playing for a couple of years. This is typically suited to players who want to develop further and potentially move into advanced levels. They start at U8. If interested, select the Kangaroos (Komodos) option when you register.

  • Wallabies -  Players with average or developing skills, who generally have played before in formal competitions or at school, or have attended training clinics and programs. 

  • Quokas - Players who are just starting and generally have little or no experience or understanding of the skills or the game.

Kangaroos teams train two nights per week, usually also from 5.30pm to 6.30pm. Training days are confirmed just before training starts once teams are finalised. 

Training for non-Kangaroo teams (see Kangaroo Trails below) is held one night per week on from Monday to Thursday, depending on the age group. It is usually held from 5.30pm to 6.30pm. There is generally an option for each age group for Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, so include in your Team Preferences when you register if you have a preference. Training for non-Kangaroo teams usually starts at the end of February or early March, depending on when the season (games) start.

Games are played Saturday morning in the 2nd and 3rd school terms, as determined each year by Football Queensland. Games are held at home or away, generally in the Ipswich area of around the south-west suburbs of Greater Brisbane, though girls teams may play games further away due to less groups per age group. The Football Queensland calendar can be found HERE, look for the line that says 'Miniroos U6 - U12'. The Draw id available in Squadi.

Note: Players who are registered are expected to be able to attend training each week, and games on the weekend, both games played at home and away at other clubs.

As a community club, a parent or two from each team are required to step up to coach and manage the team for the season, financial and coaching support will be provided to these parents.

The process for establishing Miniroos teams is explained below.

Kangaroo Trials

Trials for held for Kangaroo teams only. Players not selected for Kangaroos teams are placed as per above.

Trials are usually held late January or early February, depending on when the season (games) commence. Those who have selected 'Yes' for Kangaroo (Komodos) trials will be provided an update 2-3 weeks before the trials commence.

2024 Kangaroo Trials will be held on Monday 5th and 12th, and Wednesday 7th and 14th of February 2024, from 5.30pm to 6.30pm.

Does my child have to attend all trials?
Trails work in that all players attend the first 1-2 trials, and then those who meet the Coach's requirements are advised to come to the next trail session. Remaining players are released from the trials. 

What is the process for Miniroos

The process for establishing Miniroos teams is as follows:

  1. When registrations are open will be announced on our Registrations page.

  2. Register the player/s with SUFC through our Registration page. You will get a confirmation email/invoice if the registration is completed correctly. Please ensure you select the correct age group, and provide any Player Preferences if there are any.

  3. A confirmation will be sent in mid-January to those who have said 'Yes' to Kangaroos (Komodos) trials with details of the trials. Only players with the relevant experience and skill level (see above) should select participating in Kangaroo trials. 

  4. Successful Kangaroo trialists will be placed into Kangaroo teams, non-successful players will be returned to the pool for placement into a non-Kangaroos MiniRoos team.

  5. Once registration are closed mid February, non-Kangaroos players will be allocated to teams and parents advised, including training day and time. This will typically occur 1 - 2 weeks before their training commences (see FAQs). Update: Training is expected to commence in the week of 4 March 2024.

  6. Attend the advertised kit collection days to collect your kit.

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