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We are proud that we have been able to absorb increasing costs and have not increase fees across a significant portuiin of our member base in recent years. Conscious of the increasing cost of living, which also impacts running a club like SUFC, we have increased fees for most age groups by only $30 for 2024. This increase will cover the increasing costs we have been absorbing, the additional equipment we need as we grow, and to support increased coach and player development as our teams continue to advance and play at higher levels. Members will still be able to access payment plans out to 30 June 2024 to manage the payment of the SUFC component of your 2024 registration.

2024 fees for each age group are the following. A component of these fees will be paid during the Squadi registration (excluding Masters and Little Springers), while the remainder will be paid the Majestri registration (see Registration Process page):

Playing Group Age RangeFees**
Little Springers3-5 year olds$150
MiniRoosU6 - U12$380
Junior/Youth DivisionalU13 - U18$490
Metro Men & WomenSenior$510
FQPL Men & WomenSenior$580*
MastersOver 35 & 45 Men
Legends Women

*FQPL Fee includes off-field apparel and kitbag for all players.

**Fees above exclude the following Administrative Fees:

Administrative Fees
Refundable Volunteer Levy (Not Little Springers) - see below$50
Members Card (see Member Benefits)$10

What Do I Get For My Fees?

This is a common question and one that is important for our members to understand. Registration fees paid by players cover:

  • Affiliation fees payable to FFA, Football Queensland and Football Brisbane per player
  • All match fees and competition nomination fees
  • Training kit
  • Game day polo shirt (Divisionals and above)
  • Team photos
  • End of season events and trophies

In addition, the club also incurs the following costs that need to be covered from the registration fees:
  • Admin, cleaning and maintenance costs
  • Leasing of fields and lighting costs
  • Training equipment
  • Insurance costs
  • Coach and manager gear

Fair Play Vouchers

SUFC are a registered provider and able to take FairPlay vouchers towards fees.

Fair Play vouchers can be applied for if you meet the criteria. Refer to https://www.qld.gov.au/recreation/sports/funding/fairplay for more information. 

Round of new vouchers are regularly opened - refer to the above website for details.

If eligible, the voucher will be sent to you and you must provide this to the club in the following way:

  1. During Majestri registrations, you can upload the voucher during the registration process by clicking the "redeem a voucher" option during checkout. 
  2.  Upload the voucher from the "My details" screen.
  3. Via email to treasurer.sufc@gmail.com and we will credit the $150 against your account in the system (please do this only if the two options above did not work.

Please note, in all instances, the voucher MUST be provided/uploaded.
If you are anticipating receiving a voucher, you can use the part payment feature of the website system to pay fees and leave a balance owing of $150 per voucher you expect to receive. Once we receive the voucher(s) from you, we will credit the amount(s) against any balance owing.

Payment Options

Our online registration system allows for full or part card payments. 

There is also an option to set up a payment plan. To create a Payment Plan, follow the steps in our SUFC Majestri Users Guide.

Note, payment via the website system in the form of either a card payment or payment plan is the preferred payment option as these payments are automatically reconciled and significantly reduce the workload on our volunteer committee members.

Should you wish, we also accept payments by bank transfer (details provided on registration).

Other Fees Information

When do my fees need to be paid by?
Fees must be settled (paid in full or payment plan established for balance of fees) before:

  • Kits can be collected by players.
  • Players can play games.

Worst case, fees should be settled by:
  • FQPL/Seniors/Divisional -  End of February.
  • MiniRoos - Mid-March.
  • Little Springers - April.

To see what fees re outstanding, to pay fees or to create a Payment Plan, please refer to the SUFC Majestri User Guide to log into your registration

SUFC will issue reminder notices to members with outstanding fees on a regular basis in the lead up to when fees are due.

Volunteer Levy

From the 2023 season, a volunteer levy of $50 per family registration will be added to the total fees.

As you can appreciate, running a growing club takes a increasing amount of effort and we rely upon the generosity of volunteers to support the committee (who are also volunteers) in doing so.

As a result, the Club has decided to introduce a ‘Volunteer Levy’ from Season 2021 to stimulate volunteer assistance to successfully operate the functions of the club. Those that participate in a range of voluntary roles available, will have this levy refunded at the completion of the regular season.

Why introduce a Volunteer Levy?  

The levy is introduced to encourage involvement by members in the day-to-day running and activities required for the continued success of our club. Money raised by the levy is not used to fund club expenses but rather to drive investment in the club by families.

How do I pay the Volunteer Levy? 

The levy will automatically be included in the fees when registering. The registration system allows for the registration of multiple players in a family under one registration. If this is done, the levy will only be applied once per family registration.

Please note, the registration contains a question about whether you wish to volunteer. If you select 'no' to this question, the $50 levy will be retained by the club. If selecting 'yes', you will be added into the volunteer pool in the system and eligible to earn a refund of the levy as per below.

How do I qualify for a refund of the Volunteer Levy?

The levy will be refunded for all families where a member of the family is:

  • Coach or Assistant Coach of a team;
  • Manager or Assistant Manager of a team; or
  • A Committee member.

For all other families, the levy will be refunded to families who have volunteered for 5 or more hours during the season in one of the capacities described below. These include:

  • Working bees organised by the Committee
  • Assistance with planning or running functions/carnivals
  • Assisting with fundraising events
  • Canteen assistance
  • Administrative support in a committee-approved activity
  • Ground official duties
  • Other significant tasks as approved by the Committee

The Volunteer Levy refund does not apply for tasks like:

  • Setting up or bringing down goals or flags
  • Providing half-time fruit at games
  • Attending games or training, or providing lifts to/from these

Nominating for a task

The management of volunteer tasks will be administered through the SUFC website system. When completing registration, the form will ask whether you wish to volunteer. 

If you select yes during the sign-up, you will be added to the volunteer hub and receive notifications when tasks are added. You will also be able to see upcoming volunteer opportunities in the 'My Details" tab when logged into the website.

The Committee will add tasks throughout the season, which you will be able to sign-up for. Each task will have a required number of people and a time length. If you register to the task and your completion is confirmed by a Committee member in the system, the time will count towards your target hours.

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